Yoga Just in Time...Unlock Glowing Skin, An Ageless Mind & Body

A Beauty Gift of Love!  February Special 2020

As a thank you for all of the wonderful interest in Face Yoga, I will be offering special  “Small Group Face Yoga” sessions in February to teach you the best Face Yoga techniques for glowing skin. Easy steps to incorporate into your skincare routines.

Course:    Small Group Face Yoga 

Limited to 3 lovely clients for 3-Weeks!  Total course fee is £150.

Saving £225If sold individually the package would cost £375.

Dates:                         15, 22, 29 February 2020

Times (2):                                Lovely 1 @ 9:30- 10:30

                                                     Lovely 2 @ 11:00-12noon

Location:                 Light Centre Monument, 36 St. Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8DU

Deposit:                  £70 Non-Refundable  / Total Fees £150 (see terms)

Only 3 spaces available per course…

Secure your space, indicate time preference, deposit… contact

Unlock glowing skin and radiance with anti-ageing facial yoga techniques to appear younger.  Natural skincare for natural beauty.

Beth Kenney, a Certified Yoga (RYT200) and Reiki Usui Natural Healing Teacher, brings a practical and proven approach to her workshops based on experience as well as findings from ancient Ayurvedic and yoga traditions, acupressure, Reiki and modern science.  Learn to stimulate the 43 facial muscles to naturally unlock radiant skin.

Over a 3-week period, clients will be given detailed demonstrations to practice the techniques under Beth’s guidance to activate healing, unlock glowing skin and radiance with natural ways to appear younger and improve overall wellbeing.  Beth teaches easy techniques to incorporate into your skincare routine including acupressure and healing breath techniques to detox your skin from the inside out, increase circulation, oxygen and blood flow, reduce tension and more.  Discover natural ways to reduce signs of ageing and everyday stress which are often reflected in our complexions.  Grow graceful and beautiful…join us.

Limited to 3 clients per course.

Secure your space, indicate time preference, deposit… or for more information contact

Terms:   £70 non-refundable deposit.  Remaining fees £80 due by 7 February 2020. Bookings maybe cancelled 5 days before start date in order for other fees to be refunded.  If less than 5 days-notice, the course fee is no longer refundable but can be transferred to another course date provided that notice is given 48-hours before course start date.

More exciting news….

I’ve teamed with Joanna, founder of Elan Skincare, for a special event…Face Yoga and a personalised consultation with Joanna!

Saturday 29 February 17:30-19:00 @  The Elementary Beauty Company

Unlock glowing skin and radiance with anti-ageing facial yoga techniques to appear younger…exclusively with Elan Skincare. Natural skincare for natural beauty.

The Elementary Beauty Company, 7 Turnpin Lane, Greenwich SE10 9JA

Book your space on EventBrite…

For more information about Elan Skincare…


January 2020  Hello My Lovely!

I am excited and thankful to announce that due to remarkable growth, appointments will now be available at the Light Centre Monument.  The Light Centre is London’s leading health and well-being, osteopathy-led centre with a  diverse range of natural and complementary services.

Begin the New Year with “easy to adapt” techniques to enhance existing routines or to start new growing graceful habits.

Available services include:

Reiki, Healing Breathing & Wellness Techniques, Anti-Aging Yoga Practice, and OF COURSE Facial Yoga.

NEW…Breath & Yoga Techniques for Menopause.  Learn to use healing breathing techniques and simple yoga postures to reduce menopause symptoms and fatigue to include the “One-Minute Fix” for hot flashes!

Please note…Appointments must be booked in advance, send a request to

Take a moment every day to remember you are beautiful and loved!


Look for more exciting announcements and projects to come in 2020!

Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200) | Accredited Member British School of Meditation | Certified Reiki Usui Natural Healing Practioner

FYI…Light Centre Monument is located at 36 St. Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8DU  – short walk from Monument or Tower Gateway tube stations.



Any level of experience and gender welcome…Facial Yoga, Anti-Aging Poses, Healing Breath & Energy Wellness Techniques

Balance your body’s energies, activate healing, unlock glowing skin and radiance with natural ways to appear younger, create an ageless mind, body and improve your overall well-being.

Beth brings a practical and proven approach to her workshops based on experience as well as findings from ancient yoga traditions, acupressure, Reiki and modern science.  Participants will learn proven facial yoga techniques, anti-aging yoga postures, healing breath techniques combined with energy medicine practices.

90-Minute Workshop highlights:

Facial Yoga

—Learn to stimulate the 43 facial muscles to unlock glowing skin

—Easy techniques to incorporate in your skincare routine using acupressure and breath

Anti-Aging Yoga Postures

—Strength and healing poses for today and when you’re 90!

—Postures to help relieve hormonal imbalances and fatigue

—Power of balance to promote stillness in the mind and body

5-minute Daily Energy Medicine Routine

—Enhance overall health, sharpen mind and reduce stress

—Explore your innate healing abilities, stimulate immunity system

Breathing Techniques Based on Ancient Yogic Traditions & Modern Science

—Cultivate stress resilience, activate healing and recharge parts of the nervous system

—Boost well-being, vitality and stamina

—Reduce fatigue

—Relieve tension headaches, reduce hot flash symptoms

—Improve concentration, memory and calmness

—“One Minute Fix” to relieve stress, instant calmness

Guided Yoga Nidra

—Workshop will conclude with a guided meditation to relax and the body and mind

Anti-Aging & Facial Yoga

Natural way to appear younger, more radiant and relaxed

  • Private instruction
  • Anti-Aging Poses
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Youth Renew & Balance
  • Both Men & Women

Other Offerings:

Private, Group or Office Yoga Instruction. Unable to touch your toes? No worries. Beth’s been there. 

Meditation. Learn to develop your own meditation practice as well as guided bespoke meditations.

Yoga Nidra. Deeper than meditation, enjoy the benefits of beauty from the inside out.

Reiki. Beth is a certified Usui Method of Natural Healing Reiki practitioner.

Want to learn more or have questions? Contact

About Beth

With over twenty-five years as a global business development director in the “Big 4” accounting firms and founder of a boutique consulting and coaching firm based in London, Beth understands and respects the importance of life balance. She incorporates many of the breathing techniques into her firm’s coaching services helping professionals to enhance their concentration and reduce anxiety in order to have better client discussions. She brings an informed and practical approach to both her consulting practice and anti-facial yoga teaching. She speaks from her own experience of learning to balance work and life, especially the effects on the mind, body and skin.

How she got started

Beth’s passion for growing older gracefully with a glow reached a turning point in her 40s when she started studying yoga nidra under Ben Wolff, a registered yoga teacher, clinical hypnotherapist, tutor for Total Yoga Nidra and dream yoga practitioner. According to Ben Wolff, “Beth has discovered something extraordinary. And it works! You can see the proof on her face. Beth has been a dedicated student and practitioner of yoga methods. Through careful study and research, I’m delighted to say that she’s discovered something truly unlike anything else I’ve witnessed. Most importantly, it works. I recommend her Facial Yoga methods to you. The principles of which I agree with and scientifically understand as highly sound and effective.”

Beth continues to learn and work with Ben. She also engages a traditional Mysore India trained Ashtanga teacher in order to further develop her own yoga journey.

Accreditation and education

Beth is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher (RYT 200) having studied at a Buddhist temple as well as an accredited member of the British School of Meditation. She is a graduate of the University of Dayton. She continues to expand her knowledge with workshops and studies from the world’s best scientific experts.

For more information on Beth’s consulting firm, go to

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anti-Aging Facial Yoga?

In simple terms, it is a series of exercises that relax and tone the facial muscles. There are 43 muscles in the face covered by three layers of skin. Different from the body, the muscles of the face attach directly to the skin. When the facial muscles are not exercised regularly other than chewing, frowning or smiling, the skin will begin to droop, sag and lose its suppleness.

How is Beth’s approach different?

Whilst exercising the facial muscles is important to unlocking radiant skin, a more wholistic approach provides a greater range of benefits. Beth believes in focusing on the wellness of the whole body using a range of simple scientifically proven breathing techniques drawn from yoga, other ancient traditions and modern science to alleviate stress, increase circulation and oxygen flow to the body. The aim is for clients to learn natural anti-aging techniques to incorporate into everyday life.

Under her guidance, clients are taught (whilst sitting on a mat or in a chair) to use their hands, specifically their fingertips to exercise the facial muscles with a twist. The twist is that clients will be taught to simultaneously breathe in a particular manner proven to improve overall health and wellbeing by clinical professors and medical experts from Columbia, Stanford, Harvard and other renown institutions.

Her approach also includes anti-aging yoga poses including her personal favourite posture that helps to open the thyroid, chest plus elongate the neck and jowl area. All yoga poses are suitable for beginners to include those who may not be able to touch their toes. Additionally, Beth finishes her client’s sessions with blissful Yoga Nidra meditation of self-care to ensure clients enjoy the benefits of restoring balance and natural beauty from the inside out.

What it’s not?

This is not a medical service or aesthetician offering. It is a simply unique form of yoga designed to exercise specific parts of the face and body in order to better align the mind, body and breath to help achieve natural anti-aging benefits.

When do clients see results?

Results differ from client to client. This is not a quick fix. It depends on how much the facial muscles have deteriorated, lifestyle, stress and other factors. Some clients see and feel an immediate difference after a few sessions. This glow to the skin is often due to the increase oxygen flow, facial massage and overall reduction of tension and stress. The jawline and neck tend to take longer than other areas of the face. The best results appear after several months of disciplined practice that helps build facial muscles gradually. This practice is meant to become a daily or regular discipline to help clients age gracefully with a glow.

Who benefits?

All genders.